/ Apple - Iphone Xs Max Leather Folio - Peony Pink

apple - iphone xs max leather folio - peony pink

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apple - iphone xs max leather folio - peony pink

apple - iphone xs max leather folio - peony pink

The Kickstarter project has 25 days to go, and Wong is currently just shy of the 20-percent mark on her $30,000 funding goal. By pledging as little as $15, you can get a Keyprop in your choice of six colors. Wong hasn't settled on final pricing yet for the retail market, but expects it to be below $20. Though I have concerns about how well my keychain would work as the Keyprop's base, I'm definitely intrigued by the idea -- and frequently wishing for exactly such a way to prop up my phone. For 15 bucks, I may just roll the dice.

Your thoughts? Have you found any other travel-friendly smartphone stands, whether for your keychain, your wallet, or your case? Share your favorites in the comments, Assuming your keys always go where you go, now apple - iphone xs max leather folio - peony pink you'll always have a way to prop up your phone for reading, watching, video-calling, and self-portraits, In my ideal universe, all meals are pizza, all pizzas make you lose weight, and every smartphone comes with some kind of kickstand, That's because I like to read or watch videos while eating my magical weight-loss pizzas, Alas, very few phones can be propped up at comfortable viewing angles -- not without some kind of DIY stand..

The world's ugliest phone cases are used to protect the world's most beautiful mobile device (at least in my eyes). The evidence is in abundance from midtown Manhattan to your local grocery store. There are plastic ones, purple ones, rugged ones, flimsy ones, cartooned ones, bumper ones, and just-plain-ridiculous ones. It's a crime against technology. However, two Floridians have now crowdfunded a product to fix it. They designed a thin aluminum iPhone case that looks remarkably like something that could have come from Apple. In fact, this is the case Apple should have made.

At the end of 2012, Lester Mapp and Jeremy Foster built a prototype of the iPhone case they always wanted and tossed it up on Kickstarter on December 28, They needed $20,000 to get the project off the ground, and they set a Kickstarter deadline of six weeks, The product was almost an instant hit, On December 31, Foster posted an update on Kickstarter, writing, "WHATTTT!!! We are so incredibly excited about how the project has been received so far, We always knew AL13 was awesome - but we're so glad to see you all agree with us!"It blew past $20,000 within 10 days, apple - iphone xs max leather folio - peony pink By the time the Kickstarter campaign ended on February 13, it had over 1,400 supporters and had raised $86,250..

"It was totally organic. That was the mind-blowing part," the 27-year-old Mapp told ZDNet. "When we hit goal, we were thrilled. But, at the same time, it was almost like a scary realization that it was real -- like you better do it and you better do it good."Last week, they shipped the finished product to their Kickstarter supporters. Unlike 84 percent of the top projects on Kickstarter, it shipped on time. With the Kickstarter run delivered, the AL13 is now on sale to the public via the company Web site, Designed by M. The "M" refers to Mapp since he designed the signature product. He's also the CEO, while Foster runs marketing, and they now have a team of seven to handle sales of the AL13 and to work on future projects.