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atrium case for apple iphone xs - sunset

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atrium case for apple iphone xs - sunset

atrium case for apple iphone xs - sunset atrium case for apple iphone xs - sunset atrium case for apple iphone xs - sunset atrium case for apple iphone xs - sunset atrium case for apple iphone xs - sunset atrium case for apple iphone xs - sunset

atrium case for apple iphone xs - sunset

What do you think? Could and should Microsoft pay for Nook Media and try to capitalize on its digital-content distribution offering and/or to jump start some kind of new Surface e-reader/tablet offering? Or would Microsoft be throwing money away by buying Nook Media -- for $1 billion or any price?. This article originally appeared as "Should and could Microsoft buy Nook Media for $1 billion?" on ZDNet. A report claims Microsoft is considering buying the Barnes & Noble Nook Media venture for $1 billion. Are there any signs indicating this is in the cards?.

TechCrunch is reporting that Microsoft is mulling the idea of buying out the Nook Media venture in which Microsoft invested $300 million last year, TechCrunch says it has obtained "internal documents" that indicate Microsoft may pay $1 billion for the assets of Nook Media, atrium case for apple iphone xs - sunset Does this make any sense? Given I thought rumors of Microsoft buying Skype and Yammer (both of which Redmond ended up purchasing) were pretty ludicrous, I'd say I'm probably not the best one to judge, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

The documents also reportedly outline plans to discontinue its Android-based tablet business next year as it transitions to a strategy that focuses on licensing content to third-party developers. The bookseller had acknowledged earlier this year that sales in its Nook segment for the key holiday shopping season were much lower than expected but denied reports it was planning to exit the hardware business. A Barnes & Noble spokesperson declined to comment. CNET has also contacted Microsoft for comment and will update this report when we learn more.

Microsoft and Barnes & Noble announced a partnership in April 2012 that saw the software giant invest $300 million in the Nook unit that combined the company's digital and college text businesses, giving Microsoft 16.8 percent of Nook Media and Barnes & Noble a 78.2 percent ownership stake, atrium case for apple iphone xs - sunset The partnership included plans to develop content for Microsoft's Windows 8, its next-generation operating system that was not yet released at the time, and settled all patent litigation between the two companies related to use of Android on the Nook tablet..

The company will hold a conference call at 1 p.m. PT on June 18 to discuss its fourth-quarter results. But many of the questions will undoubtedly focus on the future of its Nook business. The software giant is considering paying up to $1 billion for certain digital assets of the joint venture, according to internal documents obtained by TechCrunch. Microsoft has reportedly offered to pay as much as $1 billion to buy out the digital assets of Nook Media, the e-book joint venture between the software giant and bookseller Barnes & Noble.