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“People who ran repertory cinemas invited me to program festivals based on that book, and that’s what changed everything,” he recalled. “The success of those festivals, first in L.A. at the Egyptian Theatre, and then in San Francisco, is how this whole thing exploded.”. The phenomenon has continued for 15 years and the public’s enthusiasm shows no signs of abating. “They love the older movies because they represent the height of American style,” Muller explained. “In terms of the cinematography, the wardrobe, the automobiles, the nightclubs and music — that was America at its zenith, and it has been downhill ever since.”.

All but one northbound lane was temporarily shut down while emergency crews worked to clear the area, ballet leotards tall The driver crashed into the store in the 1800 block of Fourth Street about 2:50 a.m., sounding an alarm that summoned police to the scene, said Berkeley police spokeswoman Jennifer Coats, Officers found the car parked in the middle of the store surrounded by broken glass, but the suspect was nowhere to be found, Coats said, No arrests have been made, Police said the driver deliberately drove into the store to burglarize it, The investigation is ongoing..

Each of the vignettes, which run from a few seconds to a few minutes, stands on its own. We encounter two girlfriends gossiping over a straying husband; a man falling for his computer; a family gathering for a wedding; a phone addict texting her way through dinner. An ensemble of 12 actors etches all the parts effectively, but the bits of narrative bop along at such velocity that it’s hard to grasp the big picture, which is of course a theme of its own. We want to know more, to feel more, but our minds lag hopelessly behind the action.

We are pleased to announce that Macy’s is sponsoring this year’s parade, Leading off the parade as Grand Marshals will be surfing legends Grant Washburn, Matt Ambrose, Travis Payne and Colin and Steve Dwyer, Grant Washburn is a Mavericks test pilot, big-wave documentarian and ocean enthusiast, He co-directed and produced the 1998 documentary “Mavericks” and taught Gerard Butler how to surf for the movie “Chasing Mavericks.” Matt Ambrose has been competing in the Mavericks since the 1990s and reached the finals in four consecutive Mavericks Contests, Matt doubled for Hero No, 2, Peter Mel in the movie “Chasing Mavericks.” Travis Payne is a local surfer who was on the Mavericks Invitational list as an alternate for the 2012 contest and doubled ballet leotards tall for Frosty (Gerard Butler) in the movie “Chasing Mavericks, Colin Dwyer was the youngest competitor in the last Mavericks Invitational and is invited to be a contestant in the 2013-14 Mavericks Invitational, Colin doubled for Hero No, 1, Zach Wormhoudt in “Chasing Mavericks.” Steve Dwyer is a longtime surfer and one of the original Mavericks contestants, Steve is a current judge for the Mavericks Invitational event..

On Wednesday, the school held its own version of the “turkey trot,” with more than 300 students taking laps around the blacktop, flapping their “wings” and gobbling like turkeys. Several lucky — and sweaty — winners got to take home donated turkeys, stuffing, rolls, apple cider and even centerpieces for their holiday table. Principal Maria Evans told me that many of the immigrant families that have kids at Washington don’t usually set a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, with an oven-roasted turkey trimmed with stuffing and cranberry sauce. Instead, many of them make batches of turkey tamales for their holiday tables.