/ Ballet Slippers And Hearts Mini License Plate-bike Plate-kid's Bedroom Door Sign

ballet slippers and hearts mini license plate-bike plate-kid's bedroom door sign

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ballet slippers and hearts mini license plate-bike plate-kid's bedroom door sign

ballet slippers and hearts mini license plate-bike plate-kid's bedroom door sign

TheatreWorks Silicon Valley’s Anything Goes costume galas are known far and wide as among the most fun and successful fundraisers in the theater world.But for some of the innovative company’s supporters, it has become a little old hat to go the TheatreWorks costume warehouse to find — well, old hats, and other bits of stage clothing to wear for the events.So, an effort has been made to break up the tradition.In 2014, the fall event, Gala 45, was a black-tie party that honored Stanford’s Donald Kennedy. In 2015, the Anything Goes Costume gala honored the Sobrato family, which has been a very good friend to arts groups, including TheatreWorks.This year, on Nov. 12, the event will be the first “Party of the Decade” gala, and the first decade celebrated will be the 1970s, during which, among other events, TheatreWorks was founded.“Also, it was a fun and funky time,” said TheatreWorks Board President Barbara Shapiro. “We thought it would be a good time for a little change-up from our Anything Goes galas.“We didn’t want to make people feel obligated to wear costumes,” Shapiro said. “We were just looking to put a new spin on it, deemphasizing the costume part, although we’ll probably see people wearing bellbottoms, Bo Derek braids and other ’70s looks. Some will want to dress up that way, others will come in cocktail dresses.”.

Cupertino Morningmasters: Improve your speaking and networking skills at this Toastmasters club, Thursdays, 7:30 a.m, Bethel Lutheran Church, 10181 Finch Ave., Cupertino, Sunnyvale Rotary: Meetings are Tuesdays at noon, Elks Club, 375 N, Pastoria Ave, Sunnyvalerotary.org, Sunnyvale Squares: Singles, couples and former dancers ages 18 and up can learn modern Western square dancing, No partner is needed, Tuesdays, 7-9 p.m, Murphy Park, 250 ballet slippers and hearts mini license plate-bike plate-kid's bedroom door sign N, Sunnyvale Ave., Sunnyvale, $25 per month/$7 per session, Sunnyvalesquares.com, 408-744-1021..

Other highlights of the festival include “The Last Mentsch,” a film about an aging German Holocaust survivor who finally tries to come to terms with his past after concealing his heritage his entire life, and “Deli Man,” an exploration of Jewish culture and food as they reflect the heart of a vital ethnic history. Ticketing and show times can be found at svjff.org. Heritage Theater is located at 1 W. Campbell Ave., Campbell. Tickets are on sale at cityofcampbell.com/603/Blues-Brothers.

9 Little Faith: This band consists of several highly regarded Los Angeles  session singers and musicians who joined forces to deliver gospel, soul and blues music as a force for healing and unity — and we could all use a little of that these days, The band comes to Armando’s nightclub in Martinez on Jan, 28, Details: 8 p.m.; $15; 925-228-6985, www.armandosmartinez.com, 10 M, Lamar/The Living Earth Show: The Living Earth Show consists of San Francisco performers/producers Travis Andrews and Andy Myerson, who aim to present provocative genre-crossing ballet slippers and hearts mini license plate-bike plate-kid's bedroom door sign shows that you won’t find anywhere else, They are teaming with M, Lamar, a New York countertenor, composer, musician and self-described “artistic provocateur” on a new work on African-American history and politics titled “Lordship and Bondage: The Birth of the Negro Superman.” A 90-minute segment of the work, combining opera, doom metal, video and the philosophies of Hegel, Nietzsche and Sun Ra, gets an early workshop performance Saturday at the Starline Social Club in Oakland..

It’s not until the last act when Evelyn spins her own yarn through an abstract cabaret of songs, dance and magic — aided by the fabled swing — that the show shuffles off the weight of endless exposition. Hallett has the right charisma for Evelyn, coloring the tragic figure with mystery and spunk, leaving you yearning to know more about Nesbit’s fate in the years after the trial. Alas, Pinto and Hess don’t find enough nuance in the cads they play to hold our interest from start to finish.