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camel iphone case

camel iphone case

Fruit Ninja fans will like Skylanders Cloud PatrolFruit Ninja might be the perfect touch-screen game, letting you swipe to slice fruit with a satisfying splash of color. But Skylanders Cloud Patrol brings the same swiping action against level after level of evil little trolls. You'll have to be quick to get the best combos, and you always have to watch out for mines and other obstacles. Read more about Skylanders Cloud Patrol. Subscribe to Netflix or watch Crackle for freeOne of the most popular uses for the iPad is watching movies on the go, and if you have a subscription to Netflix, you can watch all of the Watch Instantly titles. But with Crackle, you don't need a subscription to watch both movies and TV shows. It doesn't have the library of Netflix, but it has enough content to keep you busy for plenty of time, and it's hard to beat the price. Read more about Crackle.

CNN is good, but Flipboard is more touch-screen-friendlyAny of the big broadcast news apps is a no-brainer when you're looking for a good news source, but there are better options designed specifically for the touch screen, With Flipboard, you pick the news sources you want and the app displays them in a magazine-like layout for easy browsing, What's more, you can connect it to your Facebook camel iphone case and Twitter accounts to get headlines along with photos and messages from social networks as well, Read more about Flipboard..

Solitaire is a classic, but Fairway Solitaire is a lot more funIt's no surprise that people pass the time playing solitaire on an iPad, but for something a little different, you should check out Fairway Solitaire. Though it doesn't have all the variations you find in a standard Solitaire app, Fairway Solitaire mixes classic cards with a game of golf for a unique gaming experience. This award-winning game is very well designed with smooth graphics, great sounds, and addictive gameplay that challenges you to lower your score (don't forget, we're also playing golf). Read more about Fairway Solitaire here.

Apple presented the most popular apps of all time in celebration of 50 billion downloads, so I decided to find a few cool replacements, Last week, Apple announced that its App Store is approaching 50 billion app downloads, In celebration of the milestone, Apple is giving away a $10,000 App Store gift card to the lucky person who initiates the 50 billionth download, As part of the celebration, Apple listed the top 25 apps -- both free and paid -- for iPhone and iPad, None of the apps listed is particularly surprising (especially to someone who studies the most-popular list every day), but one camel iphone case thing that did strike me is that a lot of the all-time best sellers still sit near the top of the current most-popular lists, In other words, once an app gains a certain degree of popularity, it seems to have a way of keeping its momentum and staying at the top, But with more than a million apps available, it seems to me that a lot of people are missing out on great apps that didn't get the publicity, perhaps didn't come from well-known developers, or simply slid under people's radar..

If I was going to use Glass, I'd need contacts. Glassism I have very bad vision: -9.5 or thereabouts. I've had glasses since I was 6. I also have astigmatism. I last had contacts in 1991, when I was still in high school. That was more than 20 years ago, and the technology's clearly changed. LensCrafters, which I have newfound appreciation for, took me from an eye doctor appointment all the way to walking out the door with a trial set of disposable contact lenses -- taking into account astigmatism and proper cornea curvature -- in a little over an hour. From there, it was a straight cab to Google's offices in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood, where I was meeting my fellow Glass inductee, Bridget Carey.