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grace upon grace iphone case

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grace upon grace iphone case

grace upon grace iphone case

Already, early signs suggest that people, when given a choice, will choose to log in with Google. In the first quarter of 2013, Google's social log-in option was the second most popular log-in option and took 34 percent share of social log-ins, according to Janrain, a provider of user management services. Facebook, meanwhile, accounted for 46 percent of social log-ins in the quarter. The easier Google makes it for people to sign in to their favorite apps on Web or mobile, the more likely people will opt for the Google+ option over the Facebook one.

Hangouts, grace upon grace iphone case in particular, which merges messaging across desktop, Gmail, Android, and iOS, is a genius way to get people more deeply hooked into the G+ experience, If you already use any of Google's messaging products -- Gmail chat, Google Talk, Google Chat, or the old Google+ Hangouts -- then you'll gravitate over to the new Google+ Hangouts app and more of your real relationships will be carried over to Google's social network, When you use the cross-platform Hangouts messaging app, you'll probably start sharing photos in your conversations, and those photos are automatically saved to Google+ photo albums, Hangouts, then, will dump you into the new G+ photo experience, where your shots are backed up and auto-enhanced, and you can have a little fun with motion images stitched together by Google..

Now that you're using photos, maybe you'll give the Google+ stream another gander. After all, the stream does sport an enticing, albeit Pinterest-like, new look and should help you find interesting content with those auto-generated related hashtags. In case you can't see what's happening here, step back and look at the full picture. Google is using Google+ to connect the dots between Web, mobile, and social. Google+ grabs the Web user, the mobile user, or the social networker, wherever he or she may be, and directs the person to new products and experiences, and promises a socially enriched experience along the way. Should you go along for the ride, you'll stay logged in to Google+ to message or video chat with friends, game with your Circles, and have fun with photos.

Google+, as the company has grace upon grace iphone case always stated, isn't a social network, but a social layer, Two years later, we can actually see that layer start to take shape, New Android hooks and compelling upgrades mean Google+ can finally help the company connect the dots between Web, mobile, and social, Nearly two years after the launch of Google+, Google's social strategy looks like less of a joke and more of a calculated maneuver to make its social network the underlying fabric that weaves together relationships spread across desktop and mobile, Android and iOS..

Google gives developers at its annual I/O conference new gear to encourage them to write for the company's platforms. Here's a look at what each year's attendees have been given. Android Wear was the big focus of 2014's I/O keynote, so it was fitting that the big giveaway showed that software off. Show attendees got to test out Samsung's Gear Live smartwatch a month before it becomes available to the general public. Another of the watches sporting Android Wear, LG's G Watch, made it into giveaway bags in 2014.