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herringbone cream on black iphone case

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herringbone cream on black iphone case

herringbone cream on black iphone case

"With a codec as good as VP9, we can significantly increase the size of the Internet," Frost said. "We can significantly increase the speed of the Internet."VP8 is at the heart of a video technology called WebM that Google unveiled three years ago at Google I/O. VP9 and an audio codec called Opus both will be incorporated into WebM, Frost said. Once Google finishes the VP9 bitstream specification in June, it will turn its attention to performance optimizations, such as software that speeds video encoding and decoding.

Google also plans herringbone cream on black iphone case to work on improvements for using VP9 in applications such as videoconferencing, which are sensitive to delays, That should arrive by the end of 2013, Frost said, And hardware support should come sooner, likely the third quarter, when Google releases the designs that let chipmakers build it into processors for free, And eventually, VP9 will become obsolete too, "We're going to have to turn to VP10 and keep on doing it," Frost said, The computing industry has just begun taking the VP8 codec seriously, but Google wants people to adopt its brand-new successor..

SAN FRANCISCO -- Google is nearly done with its VP9 video technology, and it wants the world to use it. At its Google I/O conference Wednesday, company employees made the case for the royalty-free, open-source technology as a higher-quality alternative to today's dominant video codec, H.264. Moving to VP9 -- available now in testing on Chrome and YouTube -- will save bandwidth costs. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

So why offer it? Google and Samsung likely never expected many mainstream consumers to buy the device, But it could appeal to developers and ultra Android fans who deride custom software interfaces slapped on top of Android, Other handset vendors, like HTC, also offer special developer versions of their devices with an unlocked bootloader, which allows users to install custom ROMs, For Samsung, the device could mean earlier access to the newest releases of Android, while appeasing other handset makers that don't have the same privilege, Google simply can point out that the relationship is similar to the Nexus herringbone cream on black iphone case program, which always gets preferential treatment, And it's a way for Samsung to play nice with its close software partner, quelling some recent talk of troubles with Google..

The device also allows Samsung to offer a pure Android experience -- to the users who really want it -- without giving up its strong Galaxy branding. In addition, even if some people buy the Google version of the GS4 instead of the regular version, it's still sales for Samsung. For Google, it allows the company to offer one of the best smartphones on the market with software the way Google envisioned it. Google hasn't had much success selling devices through its store, and most of those products didn't come with the highest-end hardware. The LG Nexus 4, for example, didn't incorporate 4G LTE, despite that the technology was becoming standard in most new devices. The GS4, however, is expected to post blockbuster sales, and Google now can say one of the world's most popular devices comes with a pure Android option.