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i just want to fight hate iphone case

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i just want to fight hate iphone case

i just want to fight hate iphone case

Indeed, if you need to make calls and send texts, this phone will be able to carry out at least that much. But given that the carrier has several offerings, it's better that you skip over the Revere 2, continue on your midnight ride, and opt for the other feature handsets that Verizon carries. DesignDespite its bare-bones specs and a shape that harks back to simpler times, you can see that at least some thought went into designing the LG Revere 2. Most notable is the brushed faux-chrome look of the device's front, which gives it a sleeker look than other handsets in its class.

The phone i just want to fight hate iphone case is compact and measures 3.78 inches tall, 1.95 inches wide, and 0.72 inch thick, It slips into front jean pockets or small bags with no difficulty whatsoever, You can easily open it with one hand by pushing your thumb in between the two sides, and the closing mechanism is sturdy, The 0.98-inch external display has a 96x96-pixel resolution, which suffices to show you pertinent information like the time, date, and battery level, The front also houses a camera lens and two small slits for the audio speaker..

Inside is the color 2-inch display, with a 176x220-pixel resolution. It can display up to 262,000 colors, so don't be surprised if images or graphics look grainy or streaky. Icons and text are legible, but you can see some obvious aliasing with the latter. Given how much space there is around the bezel, however, I felt the display could stand to be a bit bigger. Especially since the words Message, Menu, and Contacts at the bottom of the screen are spaced too closely to one another. Below the display are two sets of keys. The first set is mainly for navigational purposes. You'll get two soft keys, four navigational buttons with a center OK key in the middle, a speaker button, a clear button (that also launches voice commands), a send button, and an end button that, when long-pressed, turns the Revere 2 on and off.

The second set is the alphanumeric keypad, Though a bit i just want to fight hate iphone case too flush with the surface of the device, the buttons are generously spaced and easy to press and locate, I appreciated the small groove that encircles the center numbers for extra touchability, Navigating the buttons with one hand is easy, and text-messaging was a breeze, The left edge houses a Micro-USB port, a volume rocker, and a 2.5mm headset jack, Both ports are covered by small plastic doors, On the right you'll find a shortcut key for the camera..

The back is smooth, and you won't find any texture here to help with grip. By pressing firmly upward, you can slide the back plate off to access the battery. FeaturesThe handset holds up to 1,000 contacts and features an incredibly intuitiv and easy-to-use UI. When you're at the home screen, press the left soft key to access your messages, the right to open your contacts, and the center OK button to launch your menu. You can also customize your four navigational keys to launch other applications.