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jumping fox iphone case

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jumping fox iphone case

jumping fox iphone case

If you'd rather not divulge, though, choose the option to skip. (You can always go back later via Settings.). At the end of that process, you'll be taken straight to the primary WatchOn interface, where the app has already begun to create a catalog of shows tailored to your tastes and based on the cable provider you indicated early on. But, before we dive into that interface and learn about the features, you still have to pair your phone with your TV, cable box, and any other components so it can act as your universal remote.

Oddly enough, the app doesn't include the process of pairing your phone with your TV (and other components) in the initial setup, Instead, you'll pair the TV and the cable box first, then other components (like a streaming media player) in another part of the app, (Why Samsung organized it this way is a mystery.), In the main interface, tap the remote icon in the upper-right corner, then tap "Set up now."The next few steps are pretty straightforward, First, turn off jumping fox iphone case your TV, Then select your TV brand, and cycle through the various codes until your TV turns on when you tap the power button in the app, (When it finally happens, know that it is completely acceptable to get overly excited.)..

Follow a similar setup process to pair the S4 with your set-top box. Most times, the pairing should happen on the first try. But if it's not working, be sure you're allowing enough time for the cable box or TV to register the code, and make sure the phone has a clear line of sight to your TV or cable box's IR receiver. If you'd like to configure additional components -- like a streaming media player, DVD player, or AV receiver -- head back to the main interface, tap the menu button, and go to Settings. Under "Room," tap My Room, then My Devices at the bottom. You'll start by selecting what kind of component you want to add, then simply follow the same process you did for pairing your TV and cable box.

Now that all the devices are paired with your phone, it's time to take the setup for a spin, You're almost ready to ditch that heavy stack of remotes, At the top of the basic universal remote, you can configure shortcuts to your favorite channels, Just tap the + sign, search for the channel, select it, jumping fox iphone case and repeat for any other channels you want to add (the limit is about 4-5) before tapping "Done."You're probably wondering: Do I need to unlock my phone and launch the app each time I want to access the remote? Of course not..

Once that's selected, tap "Select method" to indicate how your phone will recognize the location you're in. Here, Wi-Fi seems to be the best option. With that enabled, the remote will only appear when you're connected to that Wi-Fi network. To test out the feature, lock your phone, then wake it up. You'll see the mini remote in the lock screen, and a shortcut to the WatchOn app. Back in Settings, the other option under Notifications, "Show remote control on notification panel," is pretty straightforward -- when enabled and the app is running, a mini remote will display in your notification shade. Just swipe down from the top of your phone at any time to access it.