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master of calm iphone case

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master of calm iphone case

master of calm iphone case

Will I be able to read QR codes?Yes; in fact, you take a photo of a QR code to get screen-sharing set up. Will it use OCR or character recognition? There aren't any apps enabling this yet, but I wouldn't rule it out in the future. What does it feel like? If you've got it adjusted right, Glass feels more or less like wearing a regular pair of glasses, though the right side is notably heavier than the left. Over time (hours and days), our Glass reviewers noticed some strain and a little discomfort with the device.

Is it distracting?You will probably never get the Glass display out of your peripheral vision, though it helps that it's see-through, This is one of those cases where you'll need to get used to wearing the device over time, Will Glass give you a headache?It might, at first, so Google recommends using it gradually until you get used to it -- not a full 8 hours on the first day, All of our Glass users noticed a little bit of eye strain after hours flicking our peepers up and to master of calm iphone case the right to stare at the screen..

Is using the touch pad easy or cumbersome?It's really easy, actually, and so is learning the motion. Can I use it while driving?Technically, yes, and we have used it to follow turn-by-turn directions. That said, driving while distracted is always risky, and we wouldn't recommend using any other feature while handling a 2-ton vehicle. What are they like as sunglasses?As part of the $1,500 price tag, the Google Glass Explorer Edition box comes with a pair of polarized shades you slip into the frames. In the future, Glass will likely come in sunglass or prescription options, but for now, you'll do fine blocking the sun with these protectors.

Will you get near-sighted wearing Glass? Will it affect your field of vision?Glass isn't corrective eyewear on its own, and at this stage, there haven't been studies into how looking master of calm iphone case at Glass' screen would affect your long-term vision, Google told CNET that it consulted at least one ophthalmologist, Eli Peli, a Professor of Ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School, about long-term use, So far, Google says there's no cause for concern, We also plan to look deeper into this issue as well, Do I need to worry about radio emissions?Google Glass isn't a smartphone, which means that there's no cellular transceiver, and no SAR radiation rating, The device connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, Bluetooth transmits at a much lower power than a cell phone, so it should be just like wearing a Bluetooth headset..

Wi-Fi is also weaker than cellular signals, and we're surrounded by them all the time, in addition to radio signals and signals from cordless landline phones. However, wearing Wi-Fi next to your head may be a different matter -- and one worth exploring. The debate over Wi-Fi's possible health effects is much more muted; this device and others may be enough to trigger further study. Is Glass spying on you?Drop that the conspiracy theory novel! Using Glass requires deliberate action; it does not scan or analyze your surroundings, and it isn't transmitting photos and videos to the mother ship. So relax..