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modern black lab silhouette iphone case

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modern black lab silhouette iphone case

modern black lab silhouette iphone case

Settings are also more reminiscent of Android's tableau, but multitasking maneuvers (task-switching, really) are more akin to Microsoft's Windows Phone OS. You'll swipe left to see thematic groupings of apps by type that looks like Android 4.0 folders for social networks, communication, and so on. Kudos to Mozilla for lassoing a wide variety of most-wanted apps and functionality at the ready. That's one main advantage of only lightly reskinning mobile-optimized Web interfaces. A search bar lets you type to find apps as well.

The only downside to this modified apps tray is that a lot of the Web apps aren't optimized enough for the tiny mobile screen, Developers will really need to craft easily-used programs that look great in mobile modern black lab silhouette iphone case view, especially if they're making their home on a smaller-than-average display like the Keon's, where typing in passwords and zooming in to read minuscule font sizes quickly becomes a chore, Interestingly, you can press and hold any app to choose to "add it to the home screen," which doesn't actually mean what you think, Instead of seeing the icon tack onto the center screen -- the one that's blank except for the time -- it populates on the "home screens" to the right, You can pull down the notifications shade up top for a list of missed items and captured screenshots (simultaneously press the home and power buttons to snap the screen)..

Long-pressing the home button brings up a sliding stream of recent apps that you can either tap to get back in or "x" out of to close and dump the system's memory cache. This behavior works a lot like Windows Phone, but without the extra graphics. If you give the power/lock button a longer squeeze, various options greet you to reboot, shut down, or turn the phone to airplane mode. The camera launches from the lock screen. The quantity and capabilities of the Firefox OS apps are understandably limited on this test device, and the operating system isn't intended to become as powerful and complex as Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS, or Windows Phone. However, there is support for Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth 2.1, as well as for using the Keon as a mobile hot spot.

Firefox's own browser is a central part of the experience, and the best app, too, The tabbed browser includes a few deeper controls and settings, and browsing, while slower than expected -- even on Wi-Fi -- was satisfying, You'll also find an FM radio and a marketplace for eventually getting more apps, like the SoundHound music ID program, Microsoft's Bing stands ready as the default search engine, Firefox OS's graphical interface is fairly skeletal for now, which carries the dubious benefit of taking less toll on system resources, Another entry in the Keon's "plus" category is that developers should see OS updates much modern black lab silhouette iphone case faster, within a day or two of release, versus weeks or months for developers on other platforms, Mozilla projects often update once a day..

Camera and videoFirefox OS phones will probably never bear costly top-flight camera components, but the phones will be able to shoot photo and video. The Keon's 3-megapixel shooter is poor, with muddled, indistinct colors, lines, and clarity. You'll be able to capture video as well, but in these early stages, there aren't a lot of photo options that you see in high-end camera phones, like panorama mode and HDR (high dynamic range). Interestingly, though, there are quite a few post-production settings to crop and adjust your image after the fact. That's a very good sign for future Firefox-based phones. You're able to share photos through e-mail, but not social networks, and you can convert a picture into wallpaper.