/ Olixar Iphone X Case Compatible Tempered Glass Screen Protector Reviews

olixar iphone x case compatible tempered glass screen protector reviews

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olixar iphone x case compatible tempered glass screen protector reviews

olixar iphone x case compatible tempered glass screen protector reviews

If you find the Galaxy S4's selection of icon and widget-packed homescreens a little daunting, you can switch on 'Easy Mode' for a more streamlined experience. Go to Settings > My Device > Home Screen Mode. This unique feature allows you to tailor the volume of music playing through your headphones, balancing the sound in each speaker to match the unique requirements of each of your lugholes. Go to Settings > My Device > Sound > Adapt Sound. Samsung's S Health software allows you to track what you're eating and your overall weight, but its most useful application is keeping note of how much fat you burn off through walking. Using the phone's accelerometer, the app counts how many steps you've taken throughout your day.

It's not as fancy as some third-party apps, which use GPS to monitor your progress and tell you how far you've run or cycled, but it's a neat addition nonetheless, Learning a foreign language takes dedication and effort, but demonstrates that you're willing to go the extra mile when it comes to conversing with people from other countries, You can just bypass all that hard work, though, by using S Translator, which listens to what you say and then repeats it in a different language, When the recipient replies, their response is translated into English, It's breaking down the barriers which divide us olixar iphone x case compatible tempered glass screen protector reviews in the laziest way possible..

The Galaxy S4's lock screen sure looks pretty, but that "sunshine" unlock animation loses its lustre after about half an hour. Mercifully, you can disable it by heading to Settings > My Device > Lock Screen. You can opt for a ripple effect -- which, if I'm honest, is just as annoying -- or turn off the animation altogether. Guess which one I picked?. A feature new to Android 4.2 is the ability to add widgets to your lock screen, which means you can read emails or text messages without having to unlock the device. These are switched off by default, but you can enable them by going to Settings > My Device > Lock Screen > Multiple Widgets. When you're on your lock screen, simply swipe left and right in the top section to access your widgets. You can add more by tapping on blank panels.

Samsung's built-in video player allows you to 'pop out' the window and olixar iphone x case compatible tempered glass screen protector reviews continuing watching even when you're performing other tasks, Simply load up the clip in question and tap the bottom-right icon, You can resize the video window to suit your taste, Bluetooth is old news, Wi-Fi Direct is the latest way to transfer content between devices, and it's baked into the Galaxy S4, It allows you to fling stuff to another device without having to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network (which is basically how DLNA works), You'll need another device which supports Wi-Fi Direct, of course..

For now, Google Play is still a distant third, tallying about half of the total spending on iOS. However, both App Annie and IDC believe that Google Play game spending will surpass traditional handhelds in the second quarter. The findings are not all that surprising. Gaming has become one of the chief pastimes on smartphones and tablets, and that has significantly hindered adoption of traditional portable gaming devices. In his estimates on April game sales in the U.S., Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter said that he believes Sony sold only 55,000 PlayStation Vita units last month. That doesn't bode well for Sony or the handheld gaming space, and could significantly change the dynamics of the portable-gaming market.