/ Snowflakes | Black & White Iphone Case

snowflakes | black & white iphone case

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snowflakes | black & white iphone case

snowflakes | black & white iphone case

When you touch the Temperatures button at the bottom, the temperature is displayed in the middle of the screen. If you touch the temperature number, five circles expand outward showing you the high and low for the day, the temperature it feels like, wind speed, and wind direction. When you switch to another screen, like hours of sunshine, the number in the middle shows how many hours of sunlight you'll get that day, taking into account the amount of cloudiness. Touching the number shows sunrise and sunset times, percentage of clouds, and more. Each of these actions is accompanied by smooth animations, contributing to the overall feeling of the app.

There's also an animation in the background of each screen that shows the current trend, On the temperature screen, for example, today's weather shows 70 degrees, but floating bars behind the temperature move downward, indicating that there is a cooling trend, If all of this seems a little complicated, don't worry; the app tells you what each element means when you get started, Haze is a snowflakes | black & white iphone case beautifully designed app, and it lets you dig a little deeper into your current conditions, Its one drawback is that you can't look at multiple cities, but for local weather at a glance, it works great..

Yahoo Weather (free) is an app I reviewed recently, and -- before looking at it -- figured it would be a run-of-the-mill, overly complicated weather app like I described above. I couldn't have been more wrong. Yahoo Weather starts off with a very minimal interface, but lets you drill down for more information if you want it. With images from Flickr, this app shows you a photo from your area as the background that matches your location, time of day, and current weather conditions. The city is indicated at the top along with the time, and at the bottom you can see a weather icon, low and high temperature for the day, and the current temperature. Basically, the default screen shows you the weather at a glance when that's all you need.

If you swipe up you'll start to get more information, You can look at the forecast for each hour of the day, or below that, the five-day outlook, Scroll a bit farther and you can view a map of today's radar, Touch the map and you get a larger view where you can touch buttons snowflakes | black & white iphone case for interactive radar, satellite, heat, and wind maps, You also can read written forecasts for the day, check precipitation throughout the day, monitor wind speeds and directions, and see sunrise and sunset times, While there's a lot of information here, it's presented in a way that keeps it simple, making it easy to move around the app..

Part of the fun with Yahoo Weather is seeing which photograph will be displayed for your current conditions, but all are extremely good shots. Even if the interface weren't laid out well (it is), the app always looks great. With multiple-city support, great-looking photos, and a well-designed interface that lets you see as much or as little weather information as you want, Yahoo Weather is surprisingly elegant and useful. The new trend in weather apps is to provide you with the important info for your location, but to do it with a bit of style.