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solar system iphone case

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solar system iphone case

solar system iphone case

It isn't clear yet which of Samsung's software additives will drop off this "Nexus" version of the Galaxy S4, but developers aren't the only ones who will appreciate this lighter OS, modeled in Google's own image of how "pure" Android could be. Beyond the OS differences, this Google Galaxy S4 comes with the bootloader unlocked and a promise of speedy system updates -- both a boon to developers. The hardware components remain the same: a 5-inch HD AMOLED display with high sensitivity, a nimble quad-core Qualcomm processor, and a mighty fine 13-megapixel camera. On top of that, there's LTE support and the usual 16GB of onboard storage. You can read all about the Galaxy S4 hardware in my full review.

Access to many third-party applications that I use regularly would also be an issue, Netflix for watching movies and Flipboard to catch up on the latest news in style? "Sorry, pal, you're out of luck," said a smug little voice inside my head, Of course on a business trip I wouldn't have time for either activity anyway, Still, I like to have my mobile options open, not brutally ripped from me, Taking a deep breath, I assessed the solar system iphone case situation, Running BlackBerry 10, the Z10 is actually a well-appointed communicator, I consoled myself, The phone has apps for Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare preloaded and supports Gmail natively, If you're like me and your company uses Google Apps for Business, please be advised, Setting up full access to contacts, calendar, and so on requires you to configure your Gmail as an exchange account, Thankfully this didn't prove to be a huge hurdle..

Now that I had most of my preferred forms of mobile messaging up and running on the Z10, I certainly felt less anxious. As a matter of fact, the BlackBerry Hub -- think of it as a unified inbox on steroids -- made missing important communiques very difficult. For example, e-mails, tweets, and Facebook messages that tend to get buried on Android devices stuck out like sore thumbs. All work, not enough playEnough about being productive. Sometimes you just want your smartphone to help you kick back and unwind. I typically rely on a handful of apps to relax: Amazon Kindle for reading e-books during my daily subway commute, Google Listen (no longer officially supported) for podcasts, and Netflix to gobble up movies and TV shows. I also often fire up the TuneIn Internet radio app when my tablet isn't handy.

Fortunately Amazon has created a version of its Kindle app for BB10, though truthfully it feels very clunky, The software connected to my library without a hitch, but flipping through pages was sluggish, even choppy, Hopefully an update soon will address the issue, As for Google Listen, well, it isn't an option on BB10, or even Android now that Google has phased it out, That said, the Nobex application for BB10 is a great alternative, Not only does Nobex let you subscribe and download episodes of your favorite podcasts, it features a streaming radio section similar to TuneIn, You can download the TuneIn app as well since it is also available in solar system iphone case the BlackBerry World app store, One thing I wish Nobex could do is create a running playlist of podcast episodes, something Google Listen and other Android apps do, This is handy for queuing up a long list of audio before you walk out of the door so you don't have to fiddle with your phone on crowded trains..

Sadly other popular apps such as Netflix and Instagram haven't yet made it to BlackBerry. It's an unfortunate situation, but as I learned at BlackBerry Live this week, many skilled developers and brave users have managed to port these and other apps directly from Android over to BB10. I'm not sure how the ports handle, but it remains a really compelling option until (or if) BlackBerry beefs up its software selection. The road from hereLuckily, a hotel employee found my missing HTC One device and stowed it in the lost-and-found department for safe keeping. Believe me, that would never happen in New York. Even so, it took me almost a full three days to recover the phone. After which, and much to my surprise, I'd actually learned to live trapped in BlackBerry's world. I'm sure it didn't hurt that I was also surrounded by thousands of the BB10 faithful.