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the heart of my heart // so far from home edit iphone case

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the heart of my heart // so far from home edit iphone case

the heart of my heart // so far from home edit iphone case

White Balance is another element you can change easily, and worth investigating if your photos are blighted by unsightly colour shadings, such as a blue cast over the image. Tinkering with the white balance can eliminate these issues and produce a more 'natural' image, closer to what the human eyes sees. The Galaxy S4 has five settings: Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Incandescent and Fluorescent. When these should be employed is pretty self-explanatory, but try experimenting to get the best results. Finally, there's Exposure, which is the amount of light that enters the camera's sensor during a shot. A high exposure value will result in brighter shots, but you run the risk of losing detail and contrast. A low value will generally be darker, but you won't have bright highlights sucking away detail. As ever, mess around with this feature a few times to get a feel for the kind of image you want to create.

Android phone makers are always keen to find new ways to differentiate their products from those of their rivals, and camera software is one of the most popular options, Samsung has included a raft of exclusive photography features in the Galaxy S4, some of which are more useful than others, Picture-in-picture Dual Shot allows you to overlay a second image -- taken with the phone's front-facing the heart of my heart // so far from home edit iphone case snapper -- onto the photo you're taking, You can even add a frame to this inset image, The default choice is a stamp-like border, suggesting Samsung intends this feature to be used when you're taking cheesy holiday snaps to inflict on share with friends or relatives..

Voice control is a feature present in nearly all modern smart phones, and Samsung has even included vocal commands in its camera software. By bellowing "Smile", "Cheese", "Capture" or "Shoot", you can snap a shot without having to touch the phone itself. Unsurprisingly, "Record video" starts video capture. Who needs fingers, right?. Geo-tagging images isn't anything new, but Samsung's snapper software now allows for contextual tagging, meaning the phone uses GPS to detect where you are and labels the image accordingly. It notes your exact location and even what the weather was like at the time of capture, as well as what shooting mode was used.

If you're too timid to go truly hands-on with your settings, you can always opt to make use of the Galaxy S4's many preset shooting modes, These allow you to quickly optimise the camera for certain shooting conditions or situations, taking the effort out of grabbing memorable shots, Beauty Shot won't improve the physiognomy of your subject, but it will ensure that the camera settings are optimised for shooting someone's head, rather the heart of my heart // so far from home edit iphone case than the background behind them, Sports is ideal for capturing fast-moving objects -- such as someone comically running to catch a bus, for example -- and Night is tailored for low-light shooting without the use of flash..

Rich Tone is Samsung's fancy name for HDR shooting, where several images taken at different exposures are merged together to create a striking, almost unreal snap -- and handy when you don't want to blow out the sky behind a darker subject. Drama creates a story from single shot, allowing you to show the path of a moving object by merging several photos into a single image. Animated photo is all about creating the impression of movement by giving motion to a part of the image, while Sound and Shot is exactly what it says it is -- when you take a photo, a snippet of audio is also recorded, lending the image an ambient atmosphere. Finally, there's the trusty Panorama mode, which allows you to take a massive horizontal image.