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to tartarus and back for you iphone case

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to tartarus and back for you iphone case

to tartarus and back for you iphone case

Meier opted to do a turn-based game rather than a real-time strategy game or simulation because he said it lent itself better to the kind of casual gaming one would do on a mobile device. On why it's launching on iOS, he said he got direction from his publisher, 2K games, to start with that platform. In addition, he felt more comfortable with it because he personally uses an iPhone 4 and iPad. 2K said there are no plans for an Android version now. The larger emphasis by the industry to move into mobile games comes as the big console makers, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, are making a push with their next-generation consoles. Nintendo is already selling its Wii U, which hasn't really caught on, while Sony held an event to discuss its PlayStation 4 in February (without actually showing off the hardware). Microsoft is expected to unveil the next Xbox at an event later this month.

Meier said he's interested in the next-generation consoles, but didn't say whether he would create any games for that platform, "It depends on what's suitable," he said, With the constant improvement in the PC arena, he understood the need by the console makers to up their game in terms of graphics and performance, He said the console makers also understand the need to make their hardware more relevant, acting not only as a gaming device but the entertainment hub of a living room, On Civilization, the game that brought him such acclaim, to tartarus and back for you iphone case Meier said he no longer has an active role in the development of the games, Instead, he praised folks such as Civilization V lead designer Jon Shafer, who he said grew up on the franchise..

Acer may have been busy bombarding us with laptop-cum-tablets yesterday, but behind the scenes it seems it's working on something far bigger. Or smaller, rather. Because Amazon.com accidentally leaked the Acer W3-810-1600 -- the world's first small Windows 8 tablet, PCWorld reports. We've heard a fair bit of buzz surrounding smaller Windows 8 tablets coming our way, but this is the closest we've come to official confirmation. Look at it, you can almost taste it. Amazon yanked the page pretty sharpish, but not before eagle-eyed Web sleuths nabbed a screengrab. The display is 8.1-inches, making it the first Windows 8 tablet under 10 inches. There's 32GB of flash storage, and the fact it says Silver in the product description hints it'll come in other colours too, but we don't know for sure. Under the bonnet is a dual-core Atom processor clocked at 1.5GHz, with 2GB of RAM, and a 64MB graphics card. It has one USB port, a 2-megapixel rear camera, and measures 8.62x5.31x0.45 inches (219x135x11.4mm).

It's priced at $379.99 (£244), but expect a more direct dollar-to-sterling conversion when it hits these shores, Back in March, Microsoft relaxed its certification specs for manufacturers, lowering the minimum screen resolution, paving the way for smaller-screened slates, The firm has dropped a few hints about its plans too: when quizzed about the potential for titchier tablets, one exec claimed the company was ready "to respond to demand", Another exec previously went on record as saying Windows 8 was designed to to tartarus and back for you iphone case run on all different screen sizes and resolutions..

This brings AT&T's total to 212 4G LTE markets and nearly 200 million people, up from 175 LTE areas just a month ago. Verizon's needle, meanwhile, hovers in the 500-market range. AT&T's march toward total LTE network blanket continues, with five more markets getting the carrier's faster 4G speeds. AT&T is getting closer to its quest of covering 250 million people with 4G LTE by the end of 2013. On Monday, the carrier announced five more markets that will receive the faster 4G speeds.